The eSquib is the first and only electro-pyro device that is digitally controlled and able to fire hundreds of times before being replaced.  This means an extremely low per-shot cost, less wiring labor, and immediate retakes for film makers.  Its ignition creates a fast bright flash with a loud POP, making it suitable for a variety of special effects including gun muzzle flash, lasers, bullet hits, electrical arcs, sparks, and sci-fi imagery.

The e-Squib is green, safe, smoke-free, odor-free, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  It has been welcomed by State Fire Marshals as being safer, thus having reduced permitting requirements.  The eSquib is a game changing technology for live design, film makers, theme parks, and even military training.

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The eSquib has been developed and manufactured by Digital Solid State Propulsion, Inc (DSSP). DSSP is a Nevada based business that develops and produces safe, “green” energetic materials for defense, space, and commercial markets. Our innovative materials are environmentally friendly to produce and use, with no waste in the production process and benign gas products from combustion. They are insensitive to shock, flame and electrostatic discharge, making them safe to store and handle, only being initiated by electrical input.  Our electrically-throttled propellants are widely recognized as the world’s first smart energetic materials and the technology can be used in a wide variety of applications such as in igniters, squibs, rocket motors, thrusters, indoor pyrotechnics, and downhole applications for oil and gas.