Whether you want handheld single shot devices, or large-scale pyrotechnic displays, the eSquib is versatile enough to handle many situations.



eSquibs are next generation pyrotechnic devices that are electrically ignited and reusable.  Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, a single eSquib can be fired hundreds of times from one power supply without any rewiring or reloading. This means an extremely low per-shot cost and less wiring labor.  Its ignition creates a fast bright flash with a loud POP, making it suitable for a variety of special effects including gun muzzle flash, lasers, bullet hits, electrical arcs, sparks, and sci-fi imagery.

The eSquib is green, safe, smoke-free, odor-free, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  The eSquib is a game changing technology for live design, film makers, theme parks, and military training.


eSquib Module (ESM-1X-P shown)

This small handheld pyrotechnic device allows you to connect our reusable eSquibs to virtually any object. It can also be controlled by the most popular pyrotechnics systems currently on the market. This system has a rechargeable battery.

It’s simplicity makes it perfect for those who want a single effect.

32 channel bundle EDIT.jpg

eSquib Effects Systems (EES)

The eSquib Effects Systems (EES) allow rapid firing of the eSquibs up to 20 shots per second. A Firebox is used to send commands to the Firing Hub, which distributes power to each eSquib. The EES is compatiable with any firing system that uses a 12V-24V signal. Each Firebox can control up to 4 Firing Hubs which each can control 8 eSquibs, for a total of 32 eSquibs per system.

With pre-programmed sequences or live design, you can now add our safe, non-toxic, eSquibs to any show!